Pledge a Plot

‘Pledge a Plot’ – providing a nectar stop for our pollinators

The continuing crisis in our bee and bumblebee populations means the more we can do to help these and other pollinating insects, the better.

Research has shown that honeybees can only forage to a maximum of three miles from their hive. This means that if they have to go farther afield to locate sources of food, they will die. Our idea for this year is that every gardener creates a “slice” of garden rich in nectar-producing plants.

Most of our best-beloved annuals fall into this category, open single-petal flowers like poppies, cosmos, snapdragons, daisies and so on. Bumblebees prefer nectar-rich perennials and herbs are among their favourites (my chive plant positively hums in the late spring!) There are a number of websites like Buglife which provide all the information on what plants to choose for which insects.

All we ask is that you ‘Pledge a Plot’ and then send us a photo of your plot once it’s up and blooming!