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Compass Garden 6th March 2024

6 March 2024

The Compass Garden – what a beautiful day it was on Sunday. We all enjoyed working in the garden, even though it was very wet in places. We worked longer than usual and no freezing hands! We built some flower boxes from pallets, can’t wait to plant them up. I managed to fall when heeling in a bush but landed quite softly in the wet soil, just missing Mary!! All clothes went in the washing machine.

(  Report by Linda Hordyk )

Compass Garden 18th February 2024

18 February 2024

The Compass Garden – slow work in damp conditions but we toil on. Gordon has finished cutting the hedge by hand. Birds, you can now nest at anytime! Fruit trees pruned and we have re positioned our Sensory Garden sign. Edges of gardens are neat and tidy. The garden waste has been collected at last. It’s gradually been massing since before Christmas but MSDC were waiting for the new contractors to come on board. After prioritizing litter issues and flood prevention due to the continuing bad weather, we’ve risen to the top of the queue and the majority has now been collected. Patience (and many emails) is a virtue! (Report by Linda Hordyk )

Gardeners Don’t Grow Old They Just Go To Pot 29th October 2024

29 October 2023

The Master Plan For Mount Noddy

19 May 2023

Volunteers needed for East Grinstead in Bloom

25 June 2019

East Grinstead in Bloom is a group of local volunteers whose aims are to improve the local environment for the benefit of all. We are aligned with South and South East in Bloom which in turn reflects the aims of Britain in Bloom which each year involves hundreds of enthusiastic communities across the UK, from the smallest village to the largest city. We enter our town into the South and South East in Bloom competition each year and have been successful in gaining the Silver Gilt standard in various categories.

We would dearly love to win gold this year but desperately need volunteers to work on our various gardens. This need only be 2 hours once a month but as you can imagine there is a great difference between 2 people working in a garden (which sadly it sometimes is) and say 6. Three times as much work achieved! So please come and give it a try. It helps if you like gardening and have some hand forks/trowels spades and forks. We work on various gardens and on different days and times.

  • Compass Garden, Mount Noddy, 10.00 – 12.00 the first Sunday of each month

If you would like to join or find out more information, email or just come along!

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