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A great day for our first plant sale

6 October 2014

East Grinstead in Bloom ran their first bring and buy plant sale at the Compass Garden, Mount Noddy on Sunday 5 October, which was a great success with several members of the town coming to visit us and buy plants as well as having a cup of coffee and a biscuit. Hopefully it will be the first of many plant sales for Bloom.

Julie Mockford said “Today was a wonderful day with support from many residents. We met some fabulous people and we sold quite a few plants too”.

However, whilst setting up our stalls we were horrified to find someone had actually dug up five lavender plants we planted earlier this year. We can see it was on purpose as squares were visible where the spade had been used. We are frustrated with this behaviour as this is the second time this year someone has stolen plants from one of our projects.

Julie Mockford our chairman said earlier “We are sick of spending our funds on plants only to find someone has removed them. It was obviously planned as they were dug up with a spade”.

If you saw anything, please let us know.