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Wildflower meadow to blossom at station

13 May 2013

MEMBERS of the East Grinstead in Bloom committee recently took on a new project at East Grinstead train station where a new wildflower meadow is being established to encourage wildlife and bees into the area. Bloom have been working closely with East Grinstead train station and local wildflower specialist and botanist Steve Alton to identify a plot of land that could be cultivated and used for sowing local native wildflowers.

This weekend saw volunteers from Bloom digging, hoeing and sowing wildflowers on the plot of land next to the bridge by the train station. The wildflowers are a special mix produced by Steve Alton and include over 40 varieties of wildflowers including: poppies, marigolds and sunflowers.

Julie Mockford, Chairman of Bloom said “We are very excited about this new wildflower meadow and our thanks go to the train station and Steve Alton for their help getting this project off the ground. The plot is in a very prominent location and we hope that in a few weeks time we will start to see seeds germinate and flowers appearing, making the area more appealing and pretty to walk past”.

Over the weekend the response to the work Bloom were doing at the station was welcomed by passers-by who were pleased to see something positive being done with the plot of land and said they were looking forward to seeing the flowers in bloom.

If you are interested in helping us with this or any of the other projects we are involved with, feel free to contact us.