In the 1960’s The British Tourist Board established a Britain in Bloom competition whereby towns compete for best summer flower displays.

In early 1980 the Tidy Britain Group – now call Keep Britain Tidy – became involved and brought an emphasis on street cleanliness and responsible use of natural resources.

In 2002 the Royal Horticultural Society contributed its input to what is now a yearly activity voluntarily engaged upon by some 3 million residents in some 1400 communities across the UK.

RHS operates an overall Britain in Bloom Campaign establishing guidelines and awards prizes to communities.

The UK is split up into 16 regions and each of these runs their yearly campaign with the winning regional communities going through to the Britain in Bloom final.

East Grinstead is in the South & South East in Bloom region. S&SEB provide guidelines and judge communities in the area and prizes presented in September.