The following has been extracted from The Britain in Bloom Neighbourhood Awards provided by the RHS.

Floral Displays

Design and quality of displays, standard of maintenance, evidence of spring displays and autumn colour will also be considered.

Floral displays are an important element of your entry, but must be appropriate to the area. Judges will again want to see evidence of community involvement.

  • Introduction of floral displays within the neighbourhood
  • Design features, the appropriateness and impact
  • Standard of display maintenance
  • Have there been any voluntary/community planting schemes and are these permanent spring or summer?

Design and quality of planting and standard of appropriate maintenance

In some circumstances in the urban areas it may not be possible to undertake a great deal of permanent planting. However where it has been possible the judges will take account of the following:

  • Design features, the appropriateness and impact
  • Standard of maintenance
  • Have there been any voluntary/community planting schemes and are these permanent spring or summer

Environmental quality

The effects of litter and graffiti can spoil areas. It is therefore important that your group finds ways to tackle these issues. If your entry experiences vandalism, the judges will be keen to hear ways in which you have tried to address the problems, understanding that these issues do take time to resolve.

Is there a co-ordinated approach to the choice of the street furniture – seats, litter-bins, etc? Whilst you may not have any direct control over these matters, an effective group may be able influence those who do. Conservation projects are possible in the urban areas and the judges will again be asking what action has been taken in this respect.

More and more importance is being placed on recycling; the judges would like to see that recycling schemes are in place. Why not consider green recycling such as composting and water?

Overall impression

Judges will be looking to see if this is a genuine community project – have all sectors of the community been involved, from young people to the not so young?