Local Environmental Quality

Working with different groups in the community and the Town Council, East Grinstead in Bloom is targeting a range of items that improve our environment and incidentally, towns people’s day to day lives.

Under this heading comes litter, dog-fouling, graffiti, vandalism, kerbside weeds, quality of signs, litterbins and street furniture. Rather than concentrating on the negatives we will be working on long term community-based handlings.

Biodiversity / Wildlife

Under this heading come all those factors that really represent taking care of that part of the planet occupied by our town.

  • Establishing and maintaining nature conservation and wildlife areas
  • Cleaning up any polluted sites
  • Operating active policies to reduce demand on naturally occurring resources
  • Encouraging rainwater harvesting
  • Preserving natural habitats
  • Education and orientation on what has been achieved in the town and what can be